Strategic vision

To change scale in the coming years, Egis has adopted a strategic plan entitled « Imagine » which will support the development of the Group over three years, involving all the companies and collaborators of the Group. This project contains five big dimensions: our Vocation, our Values, our Ambition, our principles of Management, our strategic Orientations.

We see it as a chance to reassert our values and our vocation, but also to step up our collective commitment, thanks to increased management involvement at all levels. Through this corporate programme, Egis will continue to develop internationally, but will also have the chance to develop new services, increase its cross-group cooperation and innovate both technically and commercially.

We have established a road map for 2020, with five strategic priorities that we have set ourselves in 2016 in order to be more dynamic and continue our momentum of growth, high-performance and invest in the markets of the future, close to our client and fulfill their needs completely, agile and capitalize on our Group status, reactive and seize on opportunities all over the world.