A people first company

"Egis is a constantly changing group that works on a wide range of projects across many countries. We are part of a larger group: the Caisse des Dépôts.

Those who join our teams have access to a wide range of opportunities. You may wish to become a recognised expert in your field, a project manager, a team manager; at some point you may wish to change jobs, profession, city or country. You might be looking for new challenges, or to experience new cultures.

Egis offers you vast scope for growth and development, it's the possibility to embark on a passionate journey. Rest assured that supporting and encouraging these developments is a top priority for our human resources management.

Egis is a place of excellence. In all our activities, we are renowned for the technical quality of our achievements, proud to be at the forefront, and staying there. We strive for this continuously, through training, technical networks, and research projects. By joining us, whatever your specialist field, you can work with the best, and take part in ambitious collective projects, in a word: grow.

We are an engineering group, and through our projects we work to sustainably improve living environments. Roads, buildings, trams and metros, ports and airports, water treatment plants, and also the systems that will gradually make our transport easier and our cities more welcoming (and much more!), these are the tangible evidence of our work, a source of pride for our employees. Our pride also comes from our commitments.

We are committed to developing individual talent, as shown by the dynamic nature of the career paths we offer. We have an ambitious policy of training and professional exchange, Egis Campus, our new corporate university, gives our ability to develop talent a substantial boost.

We have a commitment to social responsibility and diversity, which manifests itself in several ways. I'll first mention diversity in employment. Working towards gender equality, developing the employment of over-55s, and the employment of people with disabilities: these objectives are at the heart of our HR work. Our first results are there, the number of employees over 50 years old is now almost 20%, the employment rate of disabled workers, though still not sufficient, has almost doubled in two years, on gender equality ambitious internal agreements have led to significant progress.

Another example: the safety of employees abroad. Egis works in over 120 countries, many of which have experienced or are experiencing major crises. An international security unit is responsible for the specific monitoring and safety of all employees working in these countries.

Egis is a group that looks after its employees. Let us show you how!"


Sabine Bonnard, Group Chief HR officer at Egis