Energy, Climate

Promote the efficient resource use and the use of renewable energy sources at every level across the territories and reduce the carbon footprint while gearing existing infrastructures to climate change.

Target areas for innovation

  • Efficient use of resources in structures, equipment, and buildings throughout their life cycle, control and steering of their energetic performance by means big data approaches.
  • Renewable energy sources (wind and biomass in particular), circular economy, providing a new integrated offer responding to the evolution of the market towards decentralized production and local consumption.
  • Urban energy in line with the smart city concept : heating and cooling networks, smart grids (massive integration of renewable energies into the power grid).
  • Integration of climate change factors into the design of buildings and resilience of infrastructures, grids and territories against climate hazards.
  • Innovative use of construction materials, re-use, bio-sourced and responsible processes, reducing flows and saving materials.

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