Engineer, build and operate sustainable infrastructures and design new services to promote “seamless” connected mobility.

Target areas for innovation

  • Provide versatile and cost-effective solutions to service and maintain infrastructures (smart sensors, user information systems, mobile apps, connected vehicles, etc.)
  • MaaS (Mobility as a Service) by providing services to the driver and solutions to facilitate travelling from door to door (community car schemes, carpooling, car sharing, etc.)
  • Connected infrastructures, particularly interactive roads: use the data provided by connected vehicles to design new services to traffic authorities, provide digital modeling technology to improve the performance of self-driving cars, integrate self-driving cars into traffic management systems
  • Cybersecurity for the transport industry, the safety of sensitive infrastructures through digital technologies (potential targets: train stations, airports, underground stations, platforms and lines)
  • Electromobility, either for new public transport ventures or for services available to EV drivers and operators of charging points
  • Alternative energy sources for public transportation with the objective of achieving zero emission trave

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