Gender equality

Because we firmly believe that gender diversity and equality are a source of personal and professional enrichment and collective performance.

For more than ten years, and in line with its values, Egis has been acting on a daily basis in favour of professional equality between men and women by implementing a dynamic and proactive policy to promote diversity.

A collective and collaborative approach

  • Involvement of our employees in identifying and acting on the obstacles to professional equality

Partnerships with:

  • Elles bougent (more than 5,000 female sponsors), whose actions aim to increase gender diversity in scientific and technical professions by acting at a very early stage in the school curriculum.
  • Alter Egales, the Caisse des Dépôts Group's gender equality network (shareholder of the Egis

Committed recruitment

  • Our recruiters trained in non-discrimination
  • Regular monitoring of the recruitment of women at the global level
  • Systematic attention to inclusive communication, in particular in job descriptions in the context of recruitment