A responsible company

CSR, a source of innovation and opportunity

Making sustainable development a real driver  for making our offer stand out, creating value to  enhance the competitiveness of our company and  the attractiveness of the regions where we work,  with the focus on a positive and shared economy  are the key points of our CSR roadmap.

As a designer, standard setter and operator, Egis has an influence on the execution of tens of billions of euros' worth of works and on the operation of facilities and amenities used by millions of people all over the world. We recognize the importance of these societal responsibilities. Our unique position enables us to capitalise on and utilise experience acquired over the entire life cycle of works. It also enables us to have an overall understanding of challenges in terms of environmental impact, economic efficiency and social equality.

A question for Martine Jauroyon, the Chief Transformation & Sustainability Officer

Egis' goal in terms of corporate social responsibility is to combine economic objectives with social, societal and environmental responsibility. What is your approach?

Martine Jauroyon: "Our approach to CSR is neither moralistic nor philanthropic, but rather a way of moving forward that is rooted in an economic and societal reality. It is part of a sustainable performance approach for Egis, its employees, its clients and for the people and regions where we work. All our actions are motivated by purpose and consistency ."


Photo credit: Brigitte Cavanagh