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The Egis Corporate Foundation was created to promote and encourage innovation, creativity and solidarity in view of sustainable development issues, and to support social, educational or philanthropic initiatives conducted for this purpose, in areas relating to the Egis Group’s lines and scope of business.

The Foundation is chaired by Martine Jauroyon, Chief Transformation and Sustainability Officer. The Board of Directors comprises nine members, including four from outside the group: Florence Darmon, Managing Director of the École Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP), Christophe Nutall, Executive Director of R20 (Regions for Climate), Jean-Michel Vincent, Chairman of the Cergy Pontoise Energy Transition Commission (urban programme management workshops), and Nicolas BLANC, Head of Strategy, Foresighting and Institution relations department of AFD.

Latest initiatives

Institut Villebon - Georges Charpak
Driven by the shared ambition to open access to higher education to a wider diversity of student profiles, ParisTech, Université Paris-Sud, Université Paris-Descartes, Fondation de coopération scientifique Campus Paris-Saclay and Fondation ParisTech came together to create a new higher education college. The aim is to accompany students, who would otherwise have been rejected by traditional educational establishments, on long and successful scientific studies. In 2018, the Egis Foundation renewed its support to 3 students in the form of grants.

Institut Saint-Jean in Cameroun
Institut Saint-Jean aims to offer future Cameroonian generations an education to match the needs of the domestic economy and to train the entrepreneurs of the future. The Egis Foundation provided support in the form of grants to educate and teach the notions of enterprise and the values of ethics and philosophy.

ONG Entrepreneurs du Monde - Projet Pteah Project
For the third year in a row, the Egis Foundation is supporting the Pteah Baitong (“green houses”) project, which began in 2014 in Cambodia. In 2018, this project contributed to reinforcing the activities of Entrepreneurs du Monde in the province of Kampong Speu and extending the product range by including cooking products and new solar power kits in the catalogue.

CODATU - Development of Masters courses in Africa
For the second consecutive year, the Egis Foundation, a long-standing member of CODATU, decided to support the association by providing three grants to students following the Master II degree in Transport and Sustainability Mobility in African cities.

Cergy-Pontoise international urban programme management workshops –Ouarzazate project
Organisation of an international urban creativity workshop from 2 to 15 November 2018, in Ouarzazate, in which the Egis foundation chose to fund part of the project.

Photos credits : Entrepreneurs du Monde / Institut Villebon Georges Charpark / Codatu / Les Ateliers / Institut Saint-Jean