Egis Eyser

«In the vanguard of engineering since 1969"»


Egis Eyser is one of the oldest engineering companies in Spain. In 2000 the company became the Spanish subsidiary of Egis Group. Since its founding in 1969, it has taken a leading position among Spanish engineering firms, both in Spain and abroad, collaborating continuously with public and private institutions to promote development and progress, in a loyal and independent manner.

Egis Eyser is a general-engineering company, working in all fields of Civil Engineering. Its main areas of activity are Highways, Railways, Urban Development, Water Infrastructures and Environment, but it also has specialized departments in Geology and Geotechnics, Structures, Facilities and ICT. Therefore, Egis Eyser is able to develop, in an autonomously way, any kind of project in the field of civil engineering, from start to finish.

Outside of Spain, Egis Eyser currently collaborates with other Egis subsidiaries, to reinforce or be reinforced according to specific needs. The professionals of Egis Eyser have experience, potential and disposition to deal with maximum-guarantee international projects and work as part of multicultural teams. Regularly, there are staff exchanges with other group companies of Egis anywhere in the world.

Egis Eyser tries continuously to develop projects in an effective and innovative way, and cares about the environmental sustainability, to meet the challenge of carrying out and completing the projects of its clients. Egis Eyser is oriented to its customers and works hard on the quality assurance of all work performed.

The recognition and customer loyalty is the result of its technical dedication and business culture, based on values shared by all Egis Eyser members.


  •  Javier Quero (CEO)
  • Domay de Gil (CFO)
  • José Manuel Ruiz-Fornells (COO)