Guillaume Morin
Chef de projet Mobilité et Systèmes
Published on March 14, 2018

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The street of tomorrow, an interactive space to be shared

At a time when urban mobility is at the centre of public discussions, one question stands out: how can we plan things so that public space can accommodate new mobility patterns in the future?

Many people will quite logically recommend a street layout in “lane” mode, allocating a dedicated space to each form of transport. But the hitch comes when you arrive at a point where the street cannot be enlarged any further and becomes saturated, which rules our any more mobility modes. So how can you square the uses of today and those of the future in a finite space?

Regaining and sharing urban space

Egis has studied the problem and has designed a whole new approach to public space, the smart, shared street. This concept, founded on interactive lane management, consists of equipping a zone, freed from the usual physical boundaries such as road markings, with interactive equipment (light beacons, digital signboards) which govern the use of the space over time. In this way, a lane allocated to road traffic in the morning can quite easily become a pedestrian street in the afternoon or even become a café patio in the evening… according to needs!

The shared street harbours the ambition to reconcile all the uses of public space, both today and in the future, by incorporating their time of use within the space. The aim is to stay in close touch with changes in lifestyle patterns so that out city streets can constantly adapt to the way we use them,” explains Guillaume Morin, Mobility and Systems project manager at Egis.

With the shared street, the conflicts arising from using a finite space are no longer an issue! The user can therefore look ahead with confidence and adopt this new open and living space, and the operator can manage its region in accordance with its needs.

The street of tomorrow

Le concept en images - Crédits : Egis

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