Digital transition

Whether it’s smartphones, big data, virtual reality or IoT, digital tech is all around us! It deeply transforms our ways of living, thinking and working, pitching our society into a new digital era.

Project Manager or BIM Manager: Is there room for both?

By João Guilherme Corrêa

Digital twins, virtual tools serving the real world

By Béatrice Gasser

How to extract value from the digital data generated in our activities?

By Rodrigo Berto

Exploring the benefits of the digital twin in infrastructure operations

By Laurent Charles-Nicolas

Digital in infrastructure management: A response to the health crisis

By David Simpson

How Covid fast forwarded the digital transformation

By Bhaskar Majumdar

A standards-led approach to aviation cybersecurity

By Matt Shreeve

Urban planning visualization with Twinmotion

By William Weltzer

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