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Published on February 27, 2020

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EPR Hinkley Point: an exceptional team for an exceptional project

For the Hinkley Point EPR project in the south-west of England, more than 300 people, including more than 130 from Egis, are currently mobilised on the production of models and detailed engineering drawings of the future power plant, working out of two floors of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris. This group is supplemented by teams from Lyon, Poland, Romania and Tunisia. Let’s meet a few members of this exceptional team.

EPR Hibkley Point

- Crédits : EDF nec Hinkley

Egis is the lead contractor in two consortia, ICOSH (for the UK contract 1220) and ICOS (for the UK contract 1221) tasked with the detailed civil engineering drawings of the future British power plant. The UK contract 1220, which has been ongoing since 2011, relates to building structure sizing calculations. Meanwhile, the UK contract 1221 is for the production of digital models (BIM) and rebar details of the nuclear island.

Giulia Mennella, 32, batch engineer

I arrived at Egis seven years ago and worked in Montreuil on contract 1220 as calculation engineer then building manager before joining the Montparnasse workspace. My role is to work with the drafter group manager to coordinate the production of the rebar model and plans for the ‘batch’ of buildings for which we are responsible. I interpret the calculations which come to us from 1220 and liaise with the client. We also work with the production teams tasked with other parts of our building, managed by a building manager. Using BIM to produce the 3D rebar model on the scale of all the buildings is a first. I had never worked on a project of this size before: it’s very rewarding.


Véronique Remande, 52, BIM Manager

I manage the BIM management unit which is part of the project technical department based at Montparnasse, and I lead the network of around 20 BIM coordinators who work in each production team. Our mission is to define data exchange processes and BIM methodologies, working in liaison with the client and the builder, and ensure that they are applied on the project through the training and support we provide to teams. This is the very principle of BIM, implemented on this complex project, which aims to foster coordination between all contributors, but also and most importantly to guarantee digital continuity of data from design to construction, from the 3D models up to the files for the manufacture of the steel needed for the project, all thanks to the OpenBIM format, IFC. It was this collaborative aspect of the process from end to end and between all the stakeholders which was rewarded by the BuildingSMART awards 2019. What a wonderful source of pride!

Idir Oudjedi, 40, drafter group manager

I supervise a team of around ten drafters tasked with part of the EPR reactor building. I have been at Egis for nearly 3 years and have also worked on the EPRs of Flamanville and Taishan. Using BIM to model rebars in 3D format brings additional complexity, since the software imposes new constraints. We must also adapt to the new construction methods adopted on the project. Traditionally, rebars are installed on site, then the concrete is poured in. Here, the contractor has opted for the prefabrication of rebar cages and installing them in the definitive location afterwards. This has a direct effect on how we draw up our detailed engineering plans. It is a very rewarding experience to work on a project of this scale. I feel that I am improving from both a technical and a human perspective.


Minh Duc Nguyen, 30, civil engineer/IT developer

Following a year as calculation engineer on contract 1220, I am now an IT developer on contract 1221. At the moment, we are a team of four developers and a team leader in the development unit. Our mission is to supply the IT solutions which will make work easy for both the production team and management team. With regard to production, we develop most of the macros, programs to complete/correct the TEKLA modelling software so as to improve 3D modelling or the production of 2D plans (for drafters) and to manage the model (for BIM coordinators). For management, we are developing programs to oversee project progress (for example: KPIs). Given the scale and complexity of the project, we have to adapt each procedure to needs and invent solutions to fulfil each request. I love this innovative and creative aspect of my job!

Joana Bucowicka, 25, document controller

I am based in Warsaw and my job is to guarantee the quality of the deliverables of the two production teams on site here. I have to check that the models and formats required for sending documents over are complied with. We have up to 300 documents to send for each package, at a rhythm of one package every two months. I really enjoy working in a young and dynamic team on such an iconic project and in an international team. I have been fortunate to be able to visit the document control team in Paris, with whom I work every day!



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