Insider view

Open to the world, operating in an often-international environment, our teams are familiar with the specific characteristics of a country, a profession or a market and can offer insight into their complexities. From their central vantage point addressing challenges of the here-and-now, they offer us their insider view.

Perspectives of investing in Infrastructure in Brazil and experience with Public Stewardship

By Celso Keppe

Why I feel that the Egis Foundation is an outstanding Idea!

By Tilak Chowdhury

Paul-Henry Loitron: inside a career in financial engineering

By Paul-Henry Loitron

Employee Engagement is indispensable in corporate branding

By Bhaskar Majumdar

Why I love being at Egis?

By Tilak Chowdhury

Let’s talk about planning!

By Camila Franczak

Camille Come: inside a career in territorial design

By collective authors

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