Tilak Chowdhury
Communication DGM, India BU
Published on May 05, 2021

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COVID: The Pandemic that changed ‘Greed to Gratitude’!

It’s more than a year now! The Pandemic just refuses to be tamed. There are lots of changes in the world because of the Pandemic – some horrible, some heavenly. Some of these changes are temporary and some have been tattooed deep in our psyche.

COVID: The Pandemic that changed ‘Greed to Gratitude’!

- Crédits : © Andrey Popov

We all remember the famous dialogue from the movie Wall Street that said Greed is Good. Slowly and steadily, this sentiment of Greed seemed to occupy every inch of our existence and consumption. We stopped caring for the environment, we stopped worrying about the Earth Overshoot Day, coming closer to January every year. We overestimated our powers as humans. We mistook us as the rulers of this planet. We felt we tamed nature ….

Then the Pandemic Happened.

Napoleon Hill had said that During times of disaster sorrow brings people together in a spirit of friendship, and influences man to recognize the blessings of becoming his brother's keeper. The Pandemic was a living proof of that. I suddenly saw a huge transition in the outlook of people. People started appreciating the small things in life. Small things that we took for granted, like the people around us whom we never thanked enough or expressed our emotions thinking they will always be around.

Many of them aren’t. Many of us have lost our friends, relatives and colleagues to this Pandemic. There are things left unsaid and unfinished.

We, who are safe and alive, are grateful to be so.

Just as individuals, I see companies changing too. I see a lot of companies, who never felt the need to show their human side, are now doing it. Many companies have adapted themselves to come to the aide of the governments.  Companies have taken their main products from the production line and have started producing products that help support the fight against the Pandemic.

The employees are not behind either. The employees have realized that they can help the society in restoring normalcy by offering their knowledge and their services. Many of the employees have started offering themselves as volunteers to serve humanity.

It seems as a collective race, we are very angry that our whole existence and progress of nearly twenty thousand years are challenged by an enemy so tiny that we can’t even see it with our naked eyes.  

As Individuals, how can we use our skills to support humanity?

Let’s spread positivity and hope:

We, either directly or indirectly, control the channels that spread emotions. There is currently so much negativity around. So much uncertainty. Let us use our talents and tools to create messaging that is positive and that creates hope. Let us weave the stories from the happenings around that show us the positive power of human spirit and the emotions that help people come together and help each other. Let us communicate that we are in this together. Nobody is alone. It’s a fight for the entire human race for survival.

Let’s stop fake news and spread the right news:

Fake news is the menace that is adding fuel to the fire when it comes to spreading negativity. So, let us stop the spread of fake news by checking the source before we share anything. There is so much information that is free flowing. We can all contribute by sharing it on our timelines and helping it spread. Our one like and share may help someone find food, oxygen, medicine and can save lives.

Let’s cheer the Front Line Workers:

Everyone needs words of encouragement. Everyone needs a pat on the back. There are so many people – doctors, media, government employees, police, delivery boys, who are risking their lives every moment and helping us keep things normal. The least we can do is say thank you to them and encourage them by showing how grateful we are for their help and support.

How can we promote donation drives?

There are people who are struggling even for the basics as this point in time. So, whatever we can spare let us donate. Let us use our social media and owned media to coordinate and promote such donation drives. We could also work as the bridge between the agencies coordinating these drives and the people who have the spare resources that they can donate.

Helping people discover their strength to share and volunteer:

Volunteers are in demand now. There are lot of NGOs who are unable to get simple things organized due to the Pandemic. Simple things like mathematics classes or sessions to engage the children. There are lots of us who are not even aware that our skills can be used for such activities. This is where some of us can help. We can make these individuals aware of their skills and motivate them to use them to benefit the larger population.

Whatever and wherever we are, our identity is first as a human. And, the virus is a threat to humanity. Let us come together and pool our resources. Let us pool every iota of energy that we can spare and support the recovery process.

As Jack Ma says: Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.  Together we can make it happen. Together we can come out of this Pandemic.

Together we can beat it, like we have done for so many Pandemics before.       


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