Tilak Chowdhury
Communication DGM, India BU
Published on June 09, 2021

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Why I love being at Egis?

There is a very old and famous fable about two stone cutters. When enquired about their work, one said that he was cutting stones and the other responded that he was part of a team building a cathedral. I think my feelings, as I complete seven years with Egis, resonate with the second person, who sees his work as a small yet significant part of a big project that is much bigger than him. It gives him a purpose. And working at Egis, I have the opportunity to belong to something much larger than me and can contribute to it in my own little way.


- Crédits : © Egis - Bruno Cognata

People are so excited about software these days. Mobiles, tabs are coming out with new technologies daily, but these hardly make an impact for more than a year! However, the projects that we are working on in India, like the Metro projects, smart cities, ports, airports, dams, waterways, highways, etc are going to change the lives of an entire population for generations. It might be the most life changing experience for the residents of these areas that they may come across in their whole lives!

The projects we are working on in India are going to open new opportunities for millions, like the Statue of Unity that has the power to offer immense opportunities for boosting tourism and also a citadel of knowledge on local history. These infrastructure projects – will either directly or indirectly –generate revenues and employment for the whole country, resulting in a tremendous GDP growth.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (PMAY) we are working on developing low cost housing for millions of citizens of the country.   

Under the Dam Rehabilitation and Implementation Project (DRIP) we are rehabilitating around 300 dams which can save so many lives during monsoon and promote stability and growth for the regions where they are based.

In addition to all this, Egis to me, stands for Extraordinary (people), Great (opportunities), Inspirational (leadership and projects) and Sustainable (Strategy). Let me try and elaborate on these:

Extraordinary people

The group has more than 15000 highly qualified people from different countries and backgrounds, working together for a common goal – Egis. During my regular interactions with the employees from different countries and functions, I have found every one of them passionate about the work they do and the higher purpose they are trying to achieve through their jobs.

Great Opportunities

As a company that operates in more than 120 countries, there is a huge potential for any professional – engineering and support, to have the opportunity to broaden their horizons. There must be some project in some area of the business, in some part of the world that one can learn from. There are constantly new technologies and methods being implemented and adapted offering the opportunity to learn and master them.

Inspiring (Leadership and Projects)

I still remember the day I had my interview scheduled with the head of communications and I was so nervous. I remember she made me so comfortable and we had a great conversation for the next one hour. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the senior most leaders of the Group and I have always found them to be extremely motivated, down to earth and with a clear vision for the Group.

The same applies to the leadership in India, the management team in India is always accommodating and ready to guide us to complete our tasks in alignment to the group values and vision.  The India management is friendly and has taken great care for us during the pandemic that has caused huge losses for the Company. The management has always put people first.

I have always felt that ideas are encouraged, opinions matter and I have always felt part of the Egis family. As the famous quote by Rumi says that “you are not a drop in an ocean, you are the ocean in a drop”.

I feel that all the time in Egis. I feel I embody Egis. Just like the 18000 other employees of the Group.

Sustainable (strategy)

A company driven by the Egis values of being responsible, people first and creative, seems like the perfect strategy for a Group as diverse and geographically vast group like ours. The focus on Egis Signature, our commitment to ethics and compliances, our seriousness towards carbon neutrality, our extraordinary capabilities together offer us very unique value propositions to our existing and potential customers.


Egis is a complete company. It offers its employees everything that helps them grow both professionally and personally. It’s a company that lets you explore your talents, grooms you for roles you may desire and helps you achieve something that you may have not thought possible. And supports you all the way.

Thank you Egis. Thank you for the lovely 7 years and looking forward to many many more years of association!


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