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09 September 2015


The investments by UAE in India

Ashish Tandon, Managing Director of Egis in India, talks about how investments by UAE in India will impact the Indian infrastructure.


14 August 2015


Much more than a remote possibility

Alan Corner, Director Middle East for aviation consultancy Helios, shares his views about the concept of remote towers applying to the Middle-East.

Arabian Aerospace, August 2015



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14 August 2015


Construction Industry’s Role Is Indispensable In The Future of Urban Development

Interviewed by the Civil Engineering and Construction Review in a special "face to face" column, Ashish Tandon, Managing Director of Egis in India, alludes to the challenges of building new infrastructure in compact urban environment.

CE&CR, August 2015


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08 July 2015


Egis capitalises on African advantage - IHS Airport360

In an interview by IHS, Nicolas Jachiet, Chairman and CEO of Egis, talks about the African air transport market and the activity of Egis in Africa.

Egis claims 50 years of experience in the African airport sector, partly via companies it acquired and runs as Egis Airport Operation. This business is involved in running 14 airports worldwide, five of which are in Francophone Africa: Libreville, Gabon since 1988; Abidjan, Ivory Coast since 1995; plus Brazzaville, Pointe Noire and Ollombo in the Republic of the Congo since 2010.

20 May 2015


Egis Chairman Nicolas Jachiet Discusses the Firm's Focus on India - Engineering News Record

In an interview by the ENR, Nicolas Jachiet refers to the commitment of the Egis Group in India to bring a "high-value engineering" in the upcoming projects such as the smart cities and the two metro projects in Chennai and Kochi in South India.


22 April 2015


Egis to make India the base for Middle East operations - The Hindu Business Line

In an interview by the Hindu Business line, Nicolas Jachiet, Chairman and CEO of Egis and Ashish Tandon, Managing Director Egis India, talk about the presence of Egis in the country and the wish of the group to make India the base for middle east operations.


23 January 2015


Interview of Mr Ashish Tandon, Egis India

Mr. Ashish Tandon, Managing Director of Egis in India, presents the challenging projects of Egis in India (India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway, Chennai Metro, Kochi Metro...) and the opportunities in the infrastructure sector.

Construction Sphere - January 2015

24 December 2014


Infrascape 2015

Views of Mr. Ashish Tandon, MD of Egis in India, on the Infrastructure sector in India for the year 2014 and 2015.  "The year 2015 looks very promising for the entire infrastructure sector. Some major government initiatives like the announcement of 100 smart cities [...] are extremely positive for the sector and are sure to drive long term growth. [...]" - December 2014



15 December 2014


"We want to be one of the top three end-to-end solution providers in India for infrastructure engineering and project management": views of Mr. AshishTandon, Managing Director, Egis in India

Mr. Tandon, MD, Egis in India, talks to CECR Magazine about the achievements of the Company in India in the last two decades, especially in 2014. He also shares his vision for the Company in the short and long term. The article talks about the emerging infrastructure sectors in India that will be driving growth in the coming years and the opportunities & threats faced by the sector.


CECR Magazine - December 2014

26 November 2014


Macedonian Health Minister Presents "Free Health Care Zones" Concept in France –

Macedonia's Health Minister Nikola Todorov begins a three day visit to France on Wednesday, where he will promote the concept of creating free healthcare investment zones in Macedonia. The concept will invite leading international healthcare providers to open hospitals in Macedonia that will be aimed at offering services to foreign citizens, and for educational purposes. Todorov will also meet with the manager of the EGIS International Group, to present the concept of free economic zones and the investment possibility. The group has worked on many projects that include construction of healthcare facilities.