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19 November 2014


Moreh-Mandalay, and more

Egis is contributing towards boosting trilateral trade between India, Myanmar and Thailand.

The external affairs ministry has engaged Egis India to prepare a project report on the future India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway corridor. This highway is expected to unlock the true commercial and tourist potential of India's northeast, linking it to the trans-Asia highway network and providing connectivity to the coast. - November 15, 2014



14 November 2014


Kochi Metro: Making Use of Sustainable Construction Techniques

Mr. Ashish Tandon, Managing Director, Egis in India, gives an insight into some important aspects of Kochi Metro.This metro is being constructed in marine/coastal environment. Its length is 25.253 Km, and it includes 22 stations.


Civil Engineering & Construction Review Magazine - November 2014

14 November 2014


Every drop counts

"Dwindling freshwater resources are forcing countries and organisations to make water and wastewater management a mandatory exercise. [...]

Ashish Tandon, Managing Director, Egis, India shares how as per study of market research firm Market Plus, the water purifier market in India is expected to grow 229 per cent, up from Rs 18.64 billion in 2012 to Rs 61 billion in 2017.", October 2014


26 September 2014


UP-Thailand highway

The ambitious trilateral highway — connecting UP to Thailand, is expected to miss its 2016 deadline due to delays at the end of Myanmar.

The ministry of external Affairs (MEA) has entrusted Egis India Consulting Engineers to prepare a feasibility report for the upgradation of the road section, and to propose suitable designs, technical schedules, cost estimates of the project and prepare bid documents.


The Financial Express, Friday, September 26, 2014

18 September 2014


The Ministry of External Affairs has engaged Egis in India for the prestigious Trilateral Highway project

The proposed route of the Trilateral Highway starts from the Indo-Myanmar border at Moreh in Manipur, India, and passes through Tamu, across the border in Myanmar, to reach Mae Sot in Thailand (Thai-Myanmar Border) after traversing through several towns and villages in Myanmar.

The highway was conceptualised at the Trilateral Ministerial Meeting on Transport Linkages in Yangon in April 2002 and was visualized as a Highway of Opportunity and Friendship that would facilitate not just the movement of goods and services, but also of people and ideas., 18th September 2014

16 September 2014


Effort To Clean Up Ganges Gains Momentum - ENR

The 100-day-old government’s newly established minister for water resources, Uma Bharti, on Sept. 15 committed to cleaning up India’s largest and holiest river, the 2,500-kilometer-plus Ganges, within three years. Guidelines for all sub-projects have been released. STPs are to be built on a design-build-operate model, to ensure maintenance and operation. Following a new trend, the technology will be based on an analysis of life-cycle costs. “Funds are no longer an issue," says Prodib Mukherjee, head of water, Egis India Consulting Engineering. Decisions on technology will depend upon the maximum required biological-oxygen levels, Egis Consulting Engineers' Mukherjee says.



07 July 2014


Indian Infrastructure 2014, Revive the sector

The June issue of the Indian Infrastructure Magazine dedicated a special report to the road and bridge sector in India, in which several experts and CEOs evoke the key issues and challenges the sector will have to face in the next future years.

Avadash Singh, Deputy CEO, Egis India evokes the current major difficulties that tend to postpone the implementation of the projects, hinting for example at the cash flow problems and excessive red-tapism in the country .

Further in the article, Mr Singh recommends some policies such as the diminution of the role of the Planning Commission in approvals of specific projects or the simplification of the procedures for acquiring private land for public use.

One thing is certain, experts and companies expect a lot from the new Indian government to revive investor sentiment in the road sector.



05 May 2014


Use of state of the art technology in building future highways in India - Construction Sphere

The Deputy CEO, Egis India Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd evokes the new possibilities of innovation in Energy Efficiency, especially in the sector of Highways Construction in India.

He outlines the use of information technology in building the smart Highways as well as the use of superior construction materials and technology to improve time and cost efficiencies.




16 March 2014


"Tech-savvy" moves to save lives on roads -

The National Roads Authority (NRA) is to deploy a range of “intelligent transport systems” to improve travels times ; warn drivers of weather, dangers and delays ahead; and automatically notify emergency services in the event of crashes or even the potential for crashes. The control centre, managed by port tunnel operator Egis, will supply information to the NRA phone app which gives motorists route information including about weather, travel time, crashes, road conditions and potential diversions.


11 March 2014


French business tam on two-day visit to Sri Lanka

A ten-member business-delegation, comprised of French companies in the field of urban infrastructure, especially transport, was in Colombo this week on a two-day visit. The French companies present in India and Singapore were also represented in the delegation.
Among the companies, Egis International.

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