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Smart Environnemental System

May 2019

2018 Highlights

February 2019

Egis, your partner for your nuclear projects

September 2018

What really happens with BIM?

September 2018

4 questions to Béatrice Gasser, Technical and Sustainable Development Director

Egis & CSR

September 2018

Nice LRT: project’s presentation

July 2018

Nice LRT: presentation of the project and players

July 2018

Egis, a major player in project structuring, operation and services

May 2018

Egis Asset Management

March 2018


Egis, o ator de grandes projetos ferroviários

January 2018


Egis Egis, el actor de los grandes proyectos ferroviarios

January 2018

Egis, delivering major rail projects

January 2018