Design Engineer

Expatriated to Senegal in 2015, for just over a year, Céline is responsible for ensuring project management consultancy on the tolled motorway project linking Dakar to the new international airport Blaise-Diagne (AIBD), currently under construction.

A desire for change …

“I felt the need for a change of life style and environment, with a definite preference for a foreign setting. After 5 years spent in pavement management, I wanted to take a new professional direction with an objective of getting site experience. This role interested me immediately, for the challenges and the responsibilities it entailed. After having indicated my desire to move, it was my manager, assisted by the zone manager, who offered me the opportunity. The proposition was made during the course of a career development interview with my managers and human resources.”

Enriching from all points of view

“Professionally this expatriation is for me the opportunity to reinforce my engineering skills, but also to discover work on site, with which I’m less familiar. The nature of this new role implies more direct relations with the client and the constructor, which I haven’t had much experience with previously. Through this move I will be able to gain skills and open myself to other career opportunities. On the personal side, I’m happy to be able to lead a new life in another country for a while, to be in contact with different cultures, to meet new people…It’s a wonderful adventure!”