Project Execution Manager

Perrine has been working for Egis for more than 10 years, after joining the group at the end of her engineer training at the Ecole Centrale Marseille.

Gaining experience in office projects for Clarins, Hachette Livre, Pernod Ricard and on projects for Parisian palaces for the account of Shangri La Hotel Resort and LVMH Hotel Management, Perrine has acquired solid skills in the management and technical follow-up of building projects with important challenges at stake.

She is passionate, curious to know, curious to learn; she likes to take up new challenges and gives 200% in every aspect of her activities. As for now, she is working on the Hotel Cheval Blanc project in Paris, the palace being part of the Samaritaine project. She takes pleasure working with different stakeholders in a project execution management team which is motivated and complementary in terms of knowledge and experience.

"What a chance to participate in the renovation of a classified building in the very heart of Paris! We have this unique opportunity to work on a project in which every area of the building will be showcased thanks to the work of the interior designers. The materials used are beautiful and noble; the craftsmen are passionate about their work and we get to see execution techniques which are really outstanding. By the way, the diversity of the stakeholders to orchestrate, from the decorator to the interior designers of each area, the different design offices and project architects, is a real challenge for the team!”