The 2014 CSR report is now available online!

This year, we have decided to expand our Corporate Social Responsibility communication by creating a dedicated website. On this dematerialized platform, you will find additional educational or professional information about our commitments and CSR practices.

On this platform, you will find:

  • A download area, where you’ll find our report in PDF format, with active links to third-party contents (web pages, videos, additional documents…
  • A datawall presenting in an educational way our main key figures.
  • An index of CSR contents based on the Global Reporting Initiative index allowing information that has been distributed over all our communications tools to be found more easily.
  • An on-line feedback questionnaire on our report used as a guide to shape our priorities in terms of CSR.

For more information, visit the website dedicated to our 2014 CSR report.
Feel free to contact us if you prefer to get a paper copy (printed in compliance with the DD standards)

In the present issue of the report, you will discover the actions that were implemented by the Group in 2014, as well as those taken in 2015. 2014 biggest achievements include the publication of our code of integrity, the development of new service offerings (such as BNV mobility, which is a system encouraging commuters to avoid using their vehicles during peak times), and the development of new methodologies and tools. It cannot be stressed enough that the CSR requires determination and humility. In this regards, we have been working diligently on renewing our questions about the challenges ahead and about the means to be used not to restrict ourselves from discovering new paths. Together with our stakeholders, we make sure to anticipate, push our boundaries, suggest, experiment and capitalize on previous experience in order to find solutions to meet immediate and future priorities.
We wish you a good discovery!