Supporting the Future of Advanced Infrastructure Projects


As part of our commitment to sharing knowledge and best practice, Egis and Helios (en Egis company) have been engaged in delivering a series of lectures to students from the UK’s National College for Advanced Transport and Infrastructure (NCATI) who are studying a range of technical subjects as part of their education and employment within the rail transportation systems industry with a focus on high-speed railway applications.


This was a great opportunity for the Egis teams to share their knowledge and experience of system engineering in a project environment within a safety-critical industry with people at the start of their careers. These topics are vital to the design and operation of a successful railway implementation project and help to ensure that the railways of the future will meet their business and operational requirements.

The lectures were closely linked to the themes of the students’ modules (project management and systems engineering) and provided an overview of the definitions of each of the Performance, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety, Security (PRAMSS) topics followed by some valuable insights on how PRAMSS requirements should be integrated into the project lifecycle. There was a specific focus on the important of the requirements verification and validation process and some interesting case studies of where this process has not been followed correctly.

Egis and Helios were delighted to be working with NCATI and sharing their collective knowledge and experience in this way.

"It was really great having you both onboard today to share your valuable experience and knowledge of the Railway PRAMSS and its application to rail projects. The lecture session was really excellent and very much appreciated by our learners in this 6th Specialist Block of the Railway Systems Engineering." – Usman Tasiu Abdurrahman, Senior Curriculum Lead for Railway Systems, NCATI