Qatar road network development

Egis awarded five projects

Qatar has embarked on an infrastructure investment policy to support the spectacular growth of its economy. "Doha Expressways" is a massive road upgrade programme comprising 30 projects, five of which were awarded to Egis in two lots.


Project overview

The first lot relates to one of the main arteries in Doha, Al Ryyan Road. Some of Doha's major buildings and facilities are located along this expressway, including the Emir's palace, the hospital, an education complex and a residential area, all of which generate significant traffic volumes. The project extends along 16 kilometres and entails broadening the roadway and building 13 multi-grade interchanges.

The second lot covers 120 km of road, including a 30-km stretch in north Doha to connect to the planned Qatar-Bahrain bridge, and a 19-km stretch connecting the city to the gas and industrial facilities located along the expressway. One of the main aims of these projects is to open up the areas around Doha and spur the economic development of the region as a whole, in line with the goals of Vision 2030.

Our missions

Egis will supervise the works on the Al Ryyan Road corridor for the first package, and will be responsible for the surveys and works supervision for the second.