Assistant Regional Director in Equatorial Guinea

Working in a large group like Egis is an opportunity to cut your teeth all around the world, on large-scale projects, and enjoy extremely challenging experiences. This is the case for Matthieu, who graduated in 2000, now assistant regional director for Egis in Equatorial Guinea.

Matthieu has already travelled a lot since the beginning of his career. To Australia first, then in Angola for two years to build the new headquarters of Total. He then moved to Finland, where he took charge of the Olkiluoto EPR site for finishing works. At the time of this job he was 32 years old and had to coordinate the work of a team of 25 people (six different nationalities) for a year and a half. In June 2010, he served as director of the Middle East region in a subsidiary, which involved very frequent travel. Today he is assistant regional director in Equatorial Guinea for Egis.

Gaining experience abroad is fundamental to understanding the economic patterns of different places and the various procedures in Asia, Africa or the Middle East. The projects' end goals are not the same either. The objectives differ from one place to the next. In France, property is often seen as a sound investment; some countries have a more practical outlook and are more committed to the function of buildings.

On a personal level, for Matthieu, it is also a plus because being far from home confers greater autonomy. You are entrusted with a wider spectrum of responsibilities, and as a result, you learn faster. And then, of course, there is the cultural aspect, meeting new people, and so on.