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Methods expert and Cost controller

“In September 2014 I joined the East-West motorway site in Algeria, where I’ve taken on the role of Methods Expert and Cost Controller for the installation & operational equipment work. This project has the particularity of involving 1200 km of the East- West motorway, and not simply isolated sections. Our challenge: catch up on certain timings with respect to scheduled works and EPCM. It’s important to be able to demonstrate patience, perseverance, and particularly to adapt our methods to new difficulties we’re presented with.

For a long time I’ve wanted to move towards an international environment where I can make use of my skills, particularly linguistic, as I speak fluently French, Arabic and English. After 25 years of experience in EPCM and project engineering, I wanted to open myself to new trades, such as consulting and project management consultancy.

In addition I am very interested in the cultural environment of Northern Africa as I’m Tunisian myself. Algeria has the advantage of being geographically close to France and offers a work place context where the 2 languages naturally co- exist. Most Algerians are bilingual French-Arabic, which makes working together on site a lot easier. Finally the nature of the project interested me, it enabled me to apply my existing knowledge to new professional challenges and develop new skills.”