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04 May 2021


New Egis white paper examines infrastructure implications of Urban Air Mobility

Drones are already being used for everything from surveying to asset management. In the future, those uses will extend to passenger journeys using electrically-powered aircraft that can take off and land vertically, giving rise to the concept of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). But how will UAM be integrated into the fabric of a city? And what needs to be done to manage that integration safely and sustainably? These questions are addressed in a new 60-page white paper from construction, engineering and mobility services group - Egis.


skycities, skyways, skytaxis: dream or destiny? examines the state of UAM today: what is driving it, where the money is and what still needs to be addressed. It then presents a vision for UAM as an integrated form of future transport, from the perspective of hypothetical characters living in two different UAM-enables cities in 2035: first a modern city, akin to Shenzhen in China, where growth is rapid and new infrastructure is emerging out of nothing; second, an old city, akin to Paris, where UAM adds another dimension to an already mature and complex urban fabric. The paper then considers the infrastructure needed and preparation aspects for urban planners, infrastructure providers, operators and regulators.

Commenting on the publication, Egis Group CEO Laurent Germain said: “I want to thank the many colleagues who contributed to this paper. It was a true collaborative effort, drawing on the skills and expertise of our architects, city and mobility experts, as well as aviation, rail, operations and consulting teams in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. UAM has received a lot of press recently, but Egis is one of the few organisations that are able to help solve the challenges of future mobility, including the digital and physical infrastructure aspects of integrating UAM into the urban environment. Our understanding of cities, transport, infrastructure and operations give us a wide (and possibly unique) range of perspectives from which to comment.  We hope that this paper gets people talking and thinking about the important questions that need to be answered, for the UAM dream to become a positive reality.”





16 April 2021


Uganda : Egis is awarded the contract for the operation and maintenance of the first toll road of the country, the Kampala-Entebbe Expressway

Egis just signed with the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) the contract for the operation and maintenance of the greenfield section of the Kampala-Entebbe Expressway, which links the capital to its international airport.


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14 April 2021


New strategic acquisition in the nuclear sector: Galson Sciences Ltd joins the Egis group

On 31 March 2021, Egis acquired a majority shareholding in Galson Sciences Ltd, an international consulting and research firm based in Oakham (UK) and specialising in radioactive waste management and disposal. 



31 March 2021


New strategic acquisition in Australia: specialist consultancy Indec joins Egis


On the 30 of March 2021, Australian strategic advisory, project delivery and technical services consultancy Indec reached agreement to be acquired by Egis, so accelerating Egis’ ambition to become a key player in the Australian infrastructure market.


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30 March 2021


2020 annual results: Solid fundamentals, a promising outlook and a new strategic plan

In 2020, amid an environment affected by the Covid-19 public health and economic crisis, Egis demonstrated the solidity of its operational and commercial fundamentals with an order intake up by 5% and a decline of barely 5% in turnover.

With its new strategic plan Impact the Future, the Group is now in a strong position to accompany the upturn in economic activity, the deployment of stimulus and recovery plans in France and around the world, and the transition to a low carbon future.

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17 March 2021


Egis completes the acquisition of Projacs International

Egis completed another part of the acquisition of Projacs International, bringing the ownership to 95.45%. Projacs is a local engineering consultancy and project management company, founded in 1984 in Kuwait, with the offices in all Middle Easters countries.



26 February 2021


Helios to be known as Egis

On 01 March 2021 aviation consultancy Helios will take the name of its parent company Egis, marking the next step in a journey that began eight years ago, when the international construction, engineering and mobility group acquired the UK headquartered consultancy. 



26 February 2021


Egis supports Civil surgeon’s office to set up IT center in Gurugram for COVID Patients as part of its CSR initiative

We are in the midst of an unprecedented situation as the world and India grapples with the threat of COVID 19. As corporate citizens, we in industry must lend our meaningful support to contain this pandemic. Such challenging circumstances indeed call for extraordinary measures. Egis in India has geared its value-chain to lend support to the Civil surgeon’s office, Gurugram in its efforts to set up a COVID19 IT center. Our Company is committed to support Government’s efforts and play its part in fighting this pandemic with compassion and resilience.



25 February 2021


Egis has ambitious plans for India and is looking to contribute to India’s dynamic growth story

  • Egis opens International Design Center in India, aimed to cater to global design work from India

  • Laurent Germain, CEO, Egis Group visit reinforces the country’s strategic importance



22 February 2021


Egis reinforces its footprint in Asia and appoints Hongyu Li Chief Executive Officer of its Asia-Pacific Region

To fulfil its major development ambitions in Asia, Egis has appointed Hongyu Li to lead its Asia-Pacific Business Unit.

Supported by a regional leadership team and working in collaboration with all the other business units, Dr Hongyu Li will lead the APAC region to focus on Egis’ strategic development target. She will oversee the Group’s growth in the zone and organise Egis’ current and future business activities dealing in the key sectors of Buildings, Rail & Urban Transportation and Operation and Maintenance.




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