Ecological restoration of the Large Water Cycle in the Limoges Métropole


For more than 12 years, Egis is accompanying Limoges Métropole in its ecological restoration programme for rivers and aquatic environments. A relationship of trust, an ambitious programme and innovative actions...

Limoges Métropole-Egis: a relationship of trust

For more than 12 years, Limoges Métropole has placed its trust in Egis teams, with more than 50 projects carried out in the fields of renaturation, green corridor development, riverbank protection and storm water management.

This trust has been renewed with the notification, for the 4th consecutive time, of a new contract extending this partnership until 2025.  This new success testifies to the constant involvement of the Limoges teams, and in particular Guillaume REIX, who has been in charge of this contract since it began.

An ambitious ecological restoration programme for 2025

Limoges Métropole has an ambitious ecological restoration programme for 2025, including

▬ The removal of ponds and the reconstitution of wetlands

▬ Renaturation work on channelled waterways

▬ Restoration of riverbanks or watercourses impacted by waterproofing

▬ Restoration of ecological continuity

▬ And the implementation of alternative techniques for the management of rainwater.

This programme confirms the will of large metropolises, with ecological sensitivity, to work sustainably on the restoration of the great water cycle in urban areas.

A 12-year experience of innovative ecological restoration actions

Within the framework of this programme, Egis continues to support the city with the aim of enabling:

▬ A progressive restoration of the natural functioning of the large water cycle

▬ The creation of green and blue corridors: Aurence, Auzette and Vienne valleys,

▬ Feedback on innovative nature-based developments

▬ A reduction of flood risks.

This long-term partnership allows our teams to have more than 10 years of feedback on innovative actions to restore good ecological status.

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