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We’re using our 70-years of experience to guide our clients through the energy transition. We offer support throughout the whole energy life cycle, from low-carbon production to innovative ways of saving, reusing and distributing power.

Supporting the energy transition.

Whether it’s delivering the world’s most ambitious energy project, ITER, to designing hydrogen-powered buses and buildings, we’re a leader in the global energy transition.

Having brought to life some of the world’s most complex and safety-critical projects, we can help you overcome your greatest challenges. This includes navigating tight timelines, cost constraints, community acceptance and meeting the highest standards of quality.

Partnering with our clients for the long-term, we provide support on everything from feasibility studies, to greenfield power plants, to energy-saving, distribution, waste and decommissioning.

Our key areas of expertise:
  • Consultancy & upstream studies
  • Design, architecture & engineering
  • Energy systems planning
  • Project management
  • Construction management
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We’re partnering with clients to transform energy systems and take action on the climate crisis.
Our sector leaders.
Xavier Lazennec
Xavier LazennecDirector Water & Energy
François Martin
François MartinNuclear Director