Road Users Services

Road User Services

With over 35-years of expertise, we are a market leader in interconnected road mobility services to fleets and road users in Europe and several other countries worldwide.

One-stop-shop for road users.

Under our commercial ‘Easytrip’ brands, Egis helps millions of private individual drivers and international fleet managers to travel smarter, faster and cheaper.

Our solutions help customer optimize their fleet’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Total Cost of Mobility (TCM). Our tolling and telematics services contribute to lower road congestion and reduce GHG emissions, in addition to prove highly convenient for our clients across Europe, Central America and Asia.

We offer access to services supporting energy transition (Access to LNG gas stations, to other modes of transport like rail and sea).

Our key areas of expertise:
  • Design, development & integration of mobility services
  • Digital user experience
  • Multimodal booking solutions for ferry and trains
  • Transaction collection, payment invoicing & recovery
  • Electronic payment expertise
  • European and non-European VAT & excise tax refunds, VAT registration assistance
  • Interconnected mobility services & telematic solutions
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We use our decades of experience and deep technical expertise to stay ahead of the latest innovations and help ease the journeys of our road users – getting them safely and efficiently from A to B.
Our experts.
Cedric Bourgoin
Cédric BourgoinChief Operating Officer - Easytrip Transport Services
Claude Muller
Claude MullerMarketing Director Consulting & Operations