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Having delivered over 15,000 projects over 70 years, we have the expertise to tackle all major strategic water-related issues. From treatment to coastal planning, we're committed to managing resources and ensuring every community has access to clean water.

Water management: a global challenge.

Global warming and expanding populations mean that ‘water stress’ – insufficient resources to meet needs – is a threat to us all. In tackling this challenge, we’re fully committed to achieving Goal 6 of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which aims to ensure everyone’s access to water and sanitation.

Important global issues we’re helping to address include:

  • Water treatment – delivering clean water and sanitation
  • Distribution – providing water where it’s needed
  • Water management – managing flood risks, rainwater, water recovery and reducing leaks in networks
  • Coastal planning – protecting our oceans and marine life
Our key services:
  • R&D and knowledge transfer
  • Strategy and institutional support
  • Planning and master plans
  • Risk and asset management
  • Due diligence and audits
  • Environmental studies
  • Project & programme management
Our key areas of expertise:
  • Production plants  
  • Transfer networks 
  • Storage basins   
  • Treatment plants 
  • Dams and reservoirs 
  • Protective dykes 
  • Irrigation channels 
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We’re helping to address some of the planet’s most complex water-related challenges.
Our sector leaders.
Xavier Lazennec
Xavier LazennecDirector Water & Energy