Geotechnical engineering and materials

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For 30 years, the geotechnical engineering teams of Egis have worked with our clients on the design, construction and maintenance of their projects. These teams work all over the world, in every field of the earth sciences, on projects ranging from infrastructure, civil engineering and works to water, construction and nuclear.

The geotechnical engineering surveys conducted during the design and construction phases are decisive for the lasting success of a project.

They allow us not only to adapt designs to their geological environment, thereby reducing cost and risk, but also to predict the changes undergone by a structure over time, and to integrate preventive technologies at the construction stage.

Our fields of expertise.
  • Geology, hydrogeology, soil and rock mechanics
  • Digital modelling, soil dynamics
  • Earthworks, workflow management, materials engineering, test laboratory
  • Foundations, earthworks, retaining structures, soil reinforcement
  • Instrumentation and structural pathologies, asset management
  • Sisprobe by Egis: the world’s leading 3D imaging solution based on ambient noise seismology and DAS monitoring via optical fibre.
Geotechnique © Luc Boutonnier
Surveying the terrain in a future dam site (Kenya)
Management team.
Luc Boutonnier
Luc BoutonnierDirector of Geotechnical Operations
Patrick Garcin
Patrick GarcinBusiness Development Director and Head of Asset Management
Olivier Gay
Olivier GayResponsible for the Instrumentation, Pathology and Geophysics Department - Sisprobe by Egis
Fabienne Dermenonville
Fabienne DermenonvilleHead of the Materials Engineering and Testing Department
Sébastien Reynaud
Sébastien ReynaudTechnical Director