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We are on the front lines when it comes to providing operational solutions across the whole life cycle of the infrastructure that we help build, and we are eminently aware of just how urgent it is that we build a low-carbon world – one that protects the planet's biodiversity while continuing to meet people's essential needs.

The environment – cross-functional expertise for your projects

The environment is an area that Egis has been focusing on for a long time.

Our teams firmly believe that factoring the environment into the life cycle of your projects is key to their success, so they provide expertise and strategic advice for your infrastructure, construction and energy projects worldwide

Advice and low-carbon engineering, nature-based solutions, adaptation to climate change, industrial and nuisance risk management – the sheer breadth of our expertise enables us to tackle all the operational and environmental challenges posed by your projects.

Our areas of expertise:
  • Environmental and ecological engineering
  • Risk and pollution management, industrial environment
  • Nuisance management and Health
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Activity management.
Catherine Jatteau
Catherine JatteauEnvironment & Energy Director
Stéphane Pradon
Stéphane PradonEnvironmental director
Jean Philippe Barrois
Jean-Philippe BarroisDirector Environment and Energy - Environmental and Industrial Pollution Risks