Digital engineering

Digital Engineering

We’re setting the pace for digital transformation strategy, cybersecurity services and digital engineering. Our skilled teams use advanced tools to help you tackle social, economic and environmental challenges.

Whether it's Digital Twins, BIM, GIS, AI, VR or cybersecurity, we're using technology to collaborate and solve problems intelligently; from designing future mobility to connecting smart cities.

  • Digital Twins allow us to design and explore the impact of new roads, bridges and other infrastructure.
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) reduces the risk of faulty designs
  • Artificial intelligence can deliver better outcomes and reduce costs while improving performance.

But new technology also brings new threats. That's why we invest heavily in cyber security services, research and development to help you benefit from innovation safely.

Our key areas of expertise:
  • Digital Twins 
  • Building Information Modelling 
  • GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • IoT and real-time monitoring 
  • Common data environment 
  • Design thinking
  • Generative design 
  • Artificial Intelligence  
  • Interfaces and requirements management 
  • AR/VR
  • Cybersecurity services