Major structures and geotechnical engineering

Pont Bouregreg ©MBEC

Egis offers specialist technical expertise for engineering structures (bridges, viaducts, tunnels etc.), at the service of major projects and the sustainable management of our clients’ assets.

For 50 years, Egis has contributed to the design of major engineering structures on all five continents: from bridges with the sleek, refined style that’s become our trademark look to tunnels in complex environments, built using multi-disciplinary expertise that has earned us the reputation as valued all-rounders. All this with the input of expert geotechnical engineering teams who also act in a more general capacity in all earth science and materials engineering disciplines.

More advanced, more sustainable infrastructure.

Structural engineering in France draws on a long tradition of technical innovation and impressive engineering achievements. Inspired by this tradition, we develop solutions that are adapted to their environment, no matter where in the world they’re located, so we can reduce cost and risk, anticipate the changes affecting structures over time, and address the needs of local populations.

Our reputation for expertise is built on international cooperation and participation in numerous working groups for Centre d’études des tunnels (CETU), the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association (ITA-AITES), and the World Road Association (PIARC).

We believe engineers are at the heart of energy and environmental transition in today’s world, and we put all our expertise and creativity at the service of better-managed, better-built projects. To design structures that reflect social change and economic development. To preserve, maintain and valorize existing structures. To build more efficiently, more sustainably, more responsibly.

Our fields of expertise.

We work on all kinds of structures, new and existing, in all kinds of environments (road, rail, tunnels and underground spaces etc.)

  • Bridges and viaducts (concrete, metal, arch, cable-stayed, suspension)
  • Geology, material testing laboratory, soil and rock mechanics
  • Civil engineering and geotechnical engineering in tunneling applications
  • Equipment for the ventilation, security and operation of tunnels
  • Retaining walls, foundations, earthworks and soil reinforcement
  • Instrumentation, geophysics and structural pathologies
Engineering and tunneling
Management team.
Julien AlaterreMajor Structures & Geotechnics activity Director
Luc Boutonnier
Luc BoutonnierDirector of Geotechnical Operations
Le Quéré
Claude Le QuéréDirector of Civil Engineering, Egis Group
Pierre MérandDirector of Tunnels
Jérôme N’KaouaStructures Business Development Manager