Bridges and engineering structures

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As a leading player in the international infrastructure sector, Egis has designed bridges and major engineering structures on all five continents. Made of concrete or metal, designed for road or rail, all have the sleek, elegant form that’s become our signature style. Our experienced, multi-cultural teams work on the frontline of our business development and at the service of our clients.

Facing the challenges of tomorrow

Structural engineering in France draws on a long tradition of technical innovation and impressive engineering achievements. This tradition is reflected in our concern with the optimisation of resources and our commitment to delivering durable structures that respond to the challenge’s of tomorrow’s world. And it also drives our resolve to develop solutions that are right for their context and respond to the needs of local communities. These solutions take many forms: structures designed to facilitate mobility in complex urban environments, infrastructure integration as part of economic and social development, and renovation of existing structures to extend their service life.

Our fields of expertise

Our bridges and engineering structures unit specialises in the construction of bridges of all types

  • reinforced / prestresssed concrete, steel, combined steel and concrete
  • arch, cable-stayed, suspension
  • road and rail, pedestrian bridges
  • routine and “signature” structures

It also specialises in related structures such as cut-and-cover, complex civil engineering works and offshore structures.

Management team.
Le Quéré
Claude Le QuéréDirector of Civil Engineering, Egis Group
Frédéric Menuel
Christophe Outteryck
Louise Valet