Industrial Risk, Pollution and Environmental Management

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Regional development requires industrial facilities to be able to cohabit effectively in urban and suburban environments. At Egis, we help you to identify, analyse, assess and manage your risks so you can prevent damage to people, property and the environment, as well as to your industrial equipment and processes.

For managing your industrial risks.

We help you factor in environmental objectives (decarbonisation, optimising water management, etc.) and in managing the risks associated with your facilities throughout their life cycle (the project phase, then operation, winding down of activity, dismantling, etc.).

Regarding our key activities, this also means managing risks associated with climate change and reducing the risk of air, soil and water pollution so as to prevent industrial facilities from having any impact on their environment. At industrial installations, the performance and security of production facilities need to be guaranteed so that they operate reliably and be easily maintained, and so as to protect the environment. Risk management and analysing the faults in a system are essential (and of growing importance) in our fast-changing society.

Our areas of expertise:
  • Industrial risks
  • Machine security and operational safety
  • Security engineering and fire protection
  • Lightning engineering and electrical and electromagnetic interference
  • Managing polluted sites and soil
  • Dismantling buildings and removing asbestos
  • Waste management facility engineering
  • Circular economy
Activity management.
Jean Philippe Barrois
Jean-Philippe BarroisDirector Environment and Energy - Environmental and Industrial Pollution Risks
Sébastien Beaupere
Sébastien Beaupere
Didier Leschi
Didier Leschi