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We work with energy firms, governments and cities to plan, design, build and operate renewable energy systems, including hydropower, waste-to-energy and green hydrogen. Our teams draw on decades of expertise across the entire energy sector to make your project a success.

Supporting the energy transition.

The energy transition represents major challenges in producing and distributing energy efficiently and sustainably.

Our global team of energy experts combine their deep expertise with a passion for sustainability to help you meet these challenges.

We have the solutions you need and can support you through every stage of your project, from consulting on renewable energy designs to upgrading infrastructure and designing new production facilities.

Our key areas of expertise:
  • Energy systems planning
  • Digital transformation
  • Consulting and project management
  • Design engineering
  • Solar energy
  • Offshore, onshore, urban wind farms
  • Hydropower, from upgrades to greenfield dams
  • Geothermal systems and thermal power plants
  • Biomass and biogas energy
  • Waste-to-energy plants
  • Green hydrogen
  • Storage and distribution systems
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We use our renewable energy expertise to help clients worldwide navigate the climate crisis and energy transition.