Egis awarded for the quality of its fire response in the Eurasia tunnel


Egis Tünel İşletmeciliği, the operating company in charge of the Eurasia tunnel in Turkey, has received an award from the concession company ATAŞ for its efficient fire response management in the tunnel.

Eurasia Tunnel is 5.4 km single tube tunnel connecting the 2 sides of Istanbul by passing under the Bosphorus.

Located in the heart of the city with more than 18 million inhabitants and many visitors, the tunnel handles more than 50,000 vehicles every day.

Egis is responsible for the full operation and maintenance of the tunnel, including the management of the control centre, incident response, including fire, and towing if necessary. Egis is also responsible for all maintenance activities, except for heavy repairs and replacement activities.

Since the start of operations in January 2017, Egis has been involved in the management of nearly 3,500 incidents.

Fires are among the most important incidents in a tunnel. On each occasion, Egis' first aid teams, equipped with fire extinguishing equipment, were on site within minutes and were able to extinguish the fires at a very early stage.

After having attended several successful fire responses recently, the General Manager of the concession company ATAŞ, Mr. Ho Eun Hong presented an award to Mr. Kıvanç Güvenler, General Manager of Egis Tünel İşletmeciliği. This award demonstrates the expertise, technical mastery and high level of preparation and training of Egis' teams for emergency interventions.