Montpellier uses a remote enforcement solution developed by Egis for its on-street parking enforcement


Egis has recently won a 5-year contract with the city of Montpellier (Transports Agglomération de Montpellier (TaM)) for the supply of an overall solution to automatically enforce on-street parking with an automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR).

TaM Voirie, which is responsible for parking enforcement and delivering parking tickets (PCNs), will be able to use this system to monitor vehicles parked on the streets.

The car with integrated cameras into a roof box can scan up to 10,000 number plates per day. This high-tech equipment will not only help to prevent parking fraud and carjacking, but will also be an analytical tool for improving the city's parking policy. The reported parking offences will be managed remotely from the control centres of the operator or of the public entity. The data collected will only be kept if the offence is proven and for a limited period of three years.

This ANPR system will also ensure:

  • The control and inventory of vehicles parked on the streets, including dedicated lanes (bicycles, buses, etc.).
  • The data collection and its processing to carry out studies on street occupancy and on-street parking through the Stadé tool (parking turnover, payment rate, occupancy rate, etc.).
  • The classification of vehicles according to their level of emission of air pollutants.

Thanks to automatic licence plate recognition, Egis has a systemic vision of the urban ecosystem to meet the various challenges of cities, from traffic management in urban areas to safety and air pollution issues. This system, increasingly present in Europe, enables Egis to manage parking enforcement, low emission zones and object detection on the road to ensure safety and urban cleanliness.

Egis is now deploying these services in nearly twenty cities in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Rouen, Nice, Angers, Montpellier, etc.), and in countries around the world (Netherlands, England, Portugal).