The Palembang LRT is ready for the Asian Games

In the run-up to the Asian Games, the city of Palembang saw its first light rail transit system on the island of Sumatra constructed and put into commercial service.

Commissioning was done on time, indeed since the beginning of August the tram carries passengers from terminus to terminus although not all of the stops are yet served. This light rail line runs overhead; it connects 13 stations and is 24 km long.

Originally, Egis only participated in the assistance and technical support during the term of the initial contract. However, as part of its commitment to the project, the services and advice provided by Egis proved to be essential to the success of the project. For example, a contract amendment was established extending its responsibilities, including additional commercial services and Systems Security support to the list of services provided.

Egis provided technical support, Safety System assistance and Commercial management services to the project through a team of professional experts.