Climate and natural risks, Algiers district gets prepared

With approximately 3 million inhabitants, the district of Algiers wants to increase its resilience to climate change and prevent the risk of natural disaster.

The district of Algiers intends to identify a range of sources of vulnerability, including floods, landslides, extreme periods of heat and cold, marine submersion and erosion, and water stress.

Egis is assisting the district of Algers by assessing the risks of vulnerability between now and 2030 and by developing action plans to increase resilience to climate change and natural disasters.

Egis identifies infrastructure and investment required to protect property assets, assesses the cost of adaptation measures and makes recommendations for strengthening the capacity of institutions to manage the impact of climate change in the long-term and to cope in the event of a natural disaster.Another element of the project relates to raising awareness of all local stakeholders, institutions, technical agencies, private individuals, and citizens, regarding the results of the research and the approach.


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