Line 5 of the Montpellier tramway

Enhancing regional connections to improve comfort for Montpellier residents and to maintain the region’s attractiveness.

Following the inauguration of lines 3 and 4 in 2012, the extension of the public transport network in the city of Montpellier is on-going, with the aim of connecting densely populated areas, employment pools and key facilities.

The fifth tram line will complete the regional network with 15.7 km of track covering 25 new stations, thereby connecting the West (Lavérune) to the North (Clapiers), passing through the city centre. The line serves numerous residential areas, home to 80,000 people; 59,000 passengers a day will thus have access to the 20 trams in operation. The faculties of Science and Literature, and the CNRS will be connected to the new Ovalie district and the Yves du Manoir stadium.

The project led by the company TaM (transport in the city of Montpellier) for the Montpellier urban area is estimated at 350 million euros. The project management represents 21 million euros and has been awarded to Egis for the entire project, apart from the contract for acquiring rolling stock. In order to topics involved in designing and implementing a project of this magnitude, four Egis entities are working on it as part of an SEP (Société En Participation).