A first project in Sweden for Egis: the Kista Tramline


A first victory for Egis with its first contract in Sweden on a design & build project connecting Bromma Airport and Kista. For this project Egis is associated with Tyréns, our Swedish partner, to serve our client Gülermak and our final client Trafikförvaltningen (Stockholms Läns Landsting).

Kista is a part of Stockholm involved in the highly technological telecommunication and information technology industry in the close suburb of the Swedish capital. The tramline will offer attractive public transport by providing the conditions for long-term sustainable urban development by being an efficient, reliable and comfortable alternative for travel. The line supplements the current rail structure that consists primarily of radial connection to the central areas of Stockholm. With its connecting points to 2 metro lines, 1 commuter train line, more than 12 bus lines and the Bromma airport, the Kista tramline provides the opportunity for changing easily between transportation modes.

The extension will run on 6,8 km with 8 tram stops, will go beside the famous Solvalla horse racetrack, then through a residential area before running through a future development area in Rissne, then through Kista Centrum to finally end at commuter train station Helenelund.

In May 2019, Egis led bid services with our first partner, Atkins, for designing the project and giving Gülermak team the materials to price the project.

Our teams are now in charge of the project management for the design part with our partner Tyréns. Egis is responsible for alignment and tracks, power supply, overhead contact line, low voltage systems and telecoms, the tram stops and the management of the internal interfaces. Egis's partner is in charge of geotechnics, utilities diversion, urban planning, landscape and roads, technical buildings, lighting and minor structures. The design has started since early October and the start of construction works are scheduled by the end of Q1 2021.

Egis, since long strongly implanted in Europe and around the world continues its development and is ready to serve clients all around the Nordics.