Bure underground laboratory, France

Egis designing instruments to measure radioactivity

Egis has been chosen to design and install instruments that will measure the behaviour of geological formations and of cells for storage of high-activity radioactive waste at the underground laboratory at Bure (France), under development by Andra (France's authority for disposal of nuclear waste).

Date : 2009 - in progress
Contractor: ANDRA (Agence Nationale pour la Gestion des Déchets Radioactifs)

Project overview

To meet Andra's specifications, Egis is proposing a complete instrumentation system that includes geotechnical sensors of conventional design but with extremely high levels of accuracy as well as instrumentation based on optical fibre technology (Brillouin and Raman).

In parallel with these design studies, Egis is also participating in the environmental and geotechnical investigations for the laboratory project.

Our missions

Egis services cover the instrumentation of cells for the storage of high level waste (HLW cells): design, creation and installation of innovative instrumentation (conventional and fibre optic).

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