Cameroon Stade Ahmadou-Ahidjo, Yaoundé

Date : 2015-2016
Duration: 15 months
Contractor: Ministère des Sports et de l’Education physique du Cameroun

Project overview

Yaoundé’s Stade Ahmadou-Ahidjo is getting a facelift as it prepares to welcome players and some 40,000 spectators to Africa Women Cup of Nations matches in November 2016. This event showcased both the City and the Continent and stadiums had to comply with the standards of both FIFA and the Confederation of African Football.

Our missions

Egis had a 15-month long mission as part of the renovation work: two months for diagnostic reviews and rehabilitation studies and thirteen months with tracking the execution of all of the work being carried out on the Stadium.

Marc Vallée, director of the Sub-saharan African region for Egis Bâtiments International explains that “there was a huge focus on security with the addition of a guardrail and optimised access to the very steep terraces. The Stadium was built in 1972 and included another major construction defect: the VIP seats were all facing into the sun! Egis’ specialised subsidiary Elioth has resolved this problem with a suitably adapted awning, making the project a resounding success. It is the fruit of a pragmatic alliance between local and outside expertise: 70% of the project team was drawn from Egis’ Cameroon-based teams.”