Dam on the river Tana

Egis completed the design studies for the High Grand Falls dam and reservoir in Kenya

The dam project will generate electricity, irrigate agricultural land and supply water to the planned port and industrial complex at Lamu, on the Indian Ocean.

Date : 2010/2012
Duration: 2 years
Client: Ministry of Regional Development Authority

Project overview

The High Grand Falls dam project includes the construction of a 120-m high dam and a 5-billion cubic meter capacity reservoir.

The water resource downstream from the dam will power a hydroelectric plant, irrigate 30,000 hectares of agricultural land and supply Lamu port with water for domestic use.

Our missions

Egis conducted the feasibility studies and detailed preliminary design studies. These phases included a survey of energy scenarios according to installed capacity, the detailed preliminary design studies for the dam, the hydroelectric plant and related structures, such as the downstream infrastructure.

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