Decentralisation Support Programme

Democratic Republic of the Congo
City-Province of Kinshasa and Province of North Kivu
Date : 2011-2015
Client: EDF National authorizing officer

Project overview

The Decentralisation Support Programme is a 15 million Euro programme which aims at supporting the steering of decentralisation at a national level and at building the capacity required to enable the provinces of Kinshasa and North Kivu to improve their efficiency, notably in the provision of basic services and the management of public finance.

The specific objective of the service contract is to ensure coordination, annual planning, implementation, follow-up and reporting of both strands of the decentralisation support programme and to perform the financial and contractual management of the actions implemented by the institutions and structures concerned.

From an operational point of view, a 'Programme Management Unit' has been established in Kinshasa, with a supervisor and an accountant. The experts in public finance and public management will be working between Kinshasa and North Kivu. The Programme will be implemented via indirect decentralised management.  The supervisor and the accountant, with the support of the technical assistance, are in charge of developing and executing the successive programme estimates, awarding contracts, granting subsidies, committing expenditure and making payments.

Our missions

Egis carries out a technical assistance mission at two levels:

  • To the project management unit, in order to ensure the day-to-day management of the programme, to define the most adequate operating methods to implement the actions selected by the Technical Committee and the Steering Committee, to ensure the management of the programme estimates, to implement a system to follow up and manage a database to monitor the programme indicators, to develop a Manual of administrative, financial and accounting procedures and a computerised management system for the PMU, to prepare a communication-visibility plan, to draft a training plan and to prepare the short-term expert missions;
  • To build the capacity of operational and coordinated consultation and technical bodies: support for the development and dissemination of the legal framework for decentralisation; structuring of provincial finance management; implementation of a provincial budget planning and management system aligned with the objectives of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) via the improvement of services and the support to the organisation of provincial public administration.


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