Design of the new city of Mikomeseng in Equatorial Guinea

Towards a more sustainable modern city

Mikomeseng is a city in Equatorial Guinea located in the north-west of the continental part of the country, at five kilometres from the border with Cameroon. The city's intense pace of urban development has led to a project for a new city, for which Egis is providing studies.
Date : 2011/ in progress
Client: Guinée Equatoriale Proyectos

Project overview

The concept for the new city of Mikomeseng is that of a forest area developed to accommodate the population in an "urban archipelago”.

With its aim to create a modern, sustainable city, Egis proposes a layout plan that incorporates the surrounding forested valleys and is based on the fundamentals of the setting, such as the population's specific relationship to space: buildings aligned and opening onto the public environment, a progression of private spaces to the rear of the garden that gives onto the forest, and the modernisation of traditional forms of buildings.

Separated from one another by the forest, which penetrates to the heart of the city, each neighbourhood is structured around a square where essential services are grouped.

Our missions

Egis has provided the urban diagnostic analysis and the master plan for the new city project.