Environmental observation for the HSR Bretagne/Loire

Egis is responsible for the undertaking of a LOTI ( law to guide development of domestic transport) Environmental assessment and implementation of the environmental Observatory.

Bretagne / Pays-de-la-Loire
Date : February 2015
Duration: 8 years
Contractor: Eiffage Rail Express

Project overview

The HSR Bretagne/Loire (BL) environmental Observatory was initiated by the project owner and made up of a committee of 5 experts and a steering committee composed of the project’s principal partners. Its objective, over and above the regulatory framework, is to observe and understand the impact of the project on the environment and the way it’s perceived by public opinion, for a period extending from the design of the works up to several years of usage.

This Observatory has real value add with respect to the LOTI assessment; it has as its aim to go over and above regulatory monitoring ensuring long term environmental control.

A genuine open air laboratory, this environmental Observatory is an opportunity to be part of a process of continual improvement of environmental practices, innovation and building on acquired knowledge.

Our missions

Egis’ mission is to direct the HSR BL environmental Observatory for 8 years, covering the full range of subjects defined jointly with the committee, from the evolution of the agricultural landscape dynamic to genetic variations of amphibians impacted by the project.

In particular the mission will call on the latest innovations developed by Egis in the area of a projects social acceptability and take into consideration problems linked to the preservation of different species:

  • Participatory quality of life study: gather, map and analyse group and subjective representations of inhabitants in a territory. Thesis prize ITTECOP infrastructure, ecosystem and landscapes.
  • Aulne: evaluation of services provided by the ecosystem in the evaluation of a project.
  • BAT3data: 3D mapping tool of bat pathways, contributing to the preservation of the species and eco design.