An environmentally friendly office building for the Irisium

The new Euralille 2 services site makes the most of natural light

Officially opened in 2011, the Irisium was built by Bouygues Immobilier. The building meets High Environmental Quality (HQE) standards and was awarded a Silver Pyramid (Pyramide d’Argent) for its innovations in terms of sustainable development.

Date : 2006
Duration: 4 years
Client: Bouygues immobilier Nord
Architect: Jacques Ferrier architecte
Company (Representative): Extensive structural work: SPIE – fluids: Eiffage thermie - HV and ELV: Eiffage énergie
Grounds: Atelier Jour
Environmental Quality (HQE): Alto environnement

Project overview

Composed of three separate buildings, this office building's bold architecture combines glass walls and golden panels, iridescent in the sunlight. Designed to offer a range of lifestyle services, the Irisium includes a crèche, and 10,000 sqm of HQE offices and gardens, as well as vegetated roofs and balconies.

It benefited from a bioclimatic design including a double-skin façade that acts as an acoustic and thermal screen, windows that provide plenty of natural light, and lighting control by presence detection. Heating and air conditioning have been optimised thanks to a radiant ceiling cooling system and double flow heat recovery ventilation. Heating, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and water are all controlled by a Technical Building Management system.

Our missions

Egis carried out the general engineering, along with works supervision and management of fire safety systems.