European pressurised reactor (EPR) in Taishan, China

Work is progressing rapidly at the enormous site of the two EPR reactors in China.

The first EPR in China is under construction in Taishan in Guangdong province. Work is progressing at a rapid pace and Taishan 1 could be the first EPR reactor in the world to come on stream by 2014.


Project overview

The immense 800-hectare Taishan nuclear site will accommodate six power generating units and is expected to be the world's largest nuclear power plant by capacity. Rapid progress is being made at the site: the base plate for the first phase was cast in 2009, the containment dome was topped out in October 2011, and a key milestone was reached at end-2012 with the installation of the reactor building's main components (reactor vessels, steam generators and pressuriser). The first tests are scheduled for the end of 2013.

Our missions

Egis is conducting the civil engineering studies for the construction of the nuclear island buildings, including the design studies, detailed basic design studies, risk factoring (earthquakes, aircraft incidents), construction surveys (including detailed calculations of reinforced concrete structures and the associated reinforcement calculation notes and field sheets, detailed calculations of the primary and secondary metal structures, earthing system calculations, etc.), and preparation of working drawings.

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